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401 Toronto | Vine #16

Filming Out The Window on The 401 Toronto

At The Movies | Vine #7

We’re Off To The Movies To See The Croods For Ivy’s Birthday Treat

At The Oshawa Centre | Viddy #10

Just A Quick Viddy at The Oshawa Centre

Bathroom Leak Devastation | Facebook My Day #1

Here is the Devastation After Trying to Find A Leak in My Apartment. Turns out It Was Coming From UpStairs

Beautiful Monday Morning | Keek #10

Join Us For A Beautiful Monday Morning on Park rd in Oshawa

Birthday Cake | Viddy #35

Here is a Viddy of My Birthday Cake From The Young Adults at Embassy | This Generation

Breakfast With Santa | Viddy #29

Join Beaker and Friends As They Check Out The Euchre Club’s Breakfast With Santa

Cat in a Can | Viddy #36

iCatt gets into the can of Clam Chowder in the Sink

Christmas Eve | Keek #07

Join The Dykstra Family As We Celebrate Christmas Eve

Coffee!!!! | Keek #22

Join Me For A Coffee Time Chat From The Whitby Mall Parking Lot