Adventures in Babysitting

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My Day Ivy | Lifecast #956

Join MJSiebolt while he spends some super time with his Niece Ivy as we play in the Snow, Go To Tim Hortons and Then Home Again

Playing With Ivy | Lifecast #948

Uncle takes some time and plays with Ivy and she shows us her Gymnastics and tries so hard to show us how she can do a backbend even when Uncle is watching.

Campfire Stories | Lifecast #926

Still Camping We Are At Darlington Provincial Park and Today They Are Hosting A Campfire With Stories, Songs, and Marshmallows. Come Join The Fun!

My Afternoon With Ivy | Lifecast #925

Today Ivy and I were supposed to Learn how to Fish but that got canceled. So Ivy and I had a little adventure around the beach & playground. Enjoy!

Ivy’s Bubbles | Lifecast #471

Watch As Ivy Plays With Her Bubble Gun and Has 5-Year-Old Fun

Adventures in Babysitting #6 | Lifecast #470

Join Lilly, Ivy and Uncle as We Play In The Office and Then Go To The Park

Ivy Climbs | Viddy #58

Watch Ivy Climb at The Park in Oshawa

Lilly and Ivy At The Park | lifecast #469

Watch As Lilly and Ivy Play at The Park.

To The Park | Vine #12

Lilly and Ivy Walk To The Park

Making Lunch | Vine #9

Lilly and Ivy Make Some Lunch