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Doggy Style | Lifecast #964

Watch the Doggies Tie-Chi and Aviah Play Around The Living Room

Meet Israel

Meet My Master’s Sister’s New Dog Israel

The Dog Becomes A Lion []

It’s that time again Foxy The Dog needs to be groomed my sister Christina Dykstra a professional groomer at Pet Smart (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) does a lion cut on my Pomeranian Foxy

Lets Go For A Walk (Father’s Day 2013) | Lifecast #472

Join The Dykstra Family As We Go For A Father’s Day Walk in Oshawa

Cat Fight: iCatt & Paul vs Joseph

Watch as My Brother Joseph Goes Postal on Paul and Gives Me Attitude

Mery’s Babies Eat

Let Take A Look At Feeding Time For Mery’s Babies

The Babies Play (Mery’s Babies)

Watch As Merry’s Babies IJ, Fluffy, Whitey & Smokey all play around in the bedroom

Merry’s A Mother | Lifecast 457

I come home to find Merry huddled up in the cat climber only to reach in and feel something weird. I then put a light in the hole and find 4 little kittens.

Dinner Time

Dinner Time For Mery, Joseph & iCatt

iCatt Meets Paul

Watch As iCatt and Paul Extend Greetings with a Little Help From A Friend

Photos With The Doggies (Vlogmas #2) | Lifecast #363

Join us For Vlogmas Day #2 With Our Trip To Pet Smart To Get Photos Done With The Doggies and The Girls.

Here’s Where I Drink

Even Though Joseph Has Water This is Where He Likes To Drink.