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Still Converting & Packing | Lifecast #49

Here I am at home on this rainy day and I am still converting The Embassy Church’s cassette tapes and still packing for my move to Oshawa.. and Boy Was I A Noob on Garage Band

Pain again | Lifecast #82

Yes just finished watching Big Brother and 4 some reason I got up and boom in pain, dizzy and can barley walk. How is ur day?

Visting Oma (PEEN #17) | Lifecast #176

Christine and I make another visit to Oma and this time she is doing much better then Last Week.

Pastor Matt Practices | Lifecast #208

My Pastor is practicing trying to play a song from the newest coldplay album while getting ready for the embassy | this generation service

Happy Canada Day 150 | Lifecast #920

Join Lilly, Ivy and Uncle as we spend Canada Day at home and enjoy a day at home playing games, watching movies and playing Wii Bowling

Out and About (VEDA #18) | Lifecast #260

Join Fern Chapman and Me as We Travel Around Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Shopping | Lifecast #933

It just a normal lazy day. I am out with Friends Paul and Chantel as we go out grocery shopping. It is just a normal everyday lifecast

Out With Jeff (Vlogust #5) | Lifecast #299

Jeff and I Spend Some Time Together. This is my first full VLOG in Adobe Premier CS5 tell me how you think I did.

Wii Get Some Exercise | Lifecast #331

Join Lilly, Ivy and Uncle As We Play Some Bowling on the Wii