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What should I do? | Lifecast #53

Trying To Figure Out How To Setup My New Apartment

Random Thoughts #2 | Lifecast #86

Just Random things I want to talk about for VEDA #5

First Snow (Vlogmas #1) | Lifecast #178

Here is the first snow fall for Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

It’s A Snow Day Mommy | Lifecast #212

“It’ A Snow Day Mommy!” yes there was lots of snow and today I spend the day with my sister DutchHoney81 & ivy from Lilly and Ivy’s World.

A Lazy Day | Lifecast #923

Finally camp is all setup, it’s day 2 of the Dykstra holidays. Join the family as we make a slip n’ slide and then head off to the beach.

Happy Birthday To Us | Lifecast #927

Join The Dykstra Family As We Celebrate The Birthdays of Mom, Dad, Lilly, Tante Patty and Me. Join The Dykstra’s in the Party Fun.

Camping Adventures 2012 Day 2 | Lifecast 288

Join The Dykstra Family as we embark on our summer camping tradition for Day 2

At the Church (Vlogust #9) | Lifecast #303

Join Me As I Am Back At The Church Volunteering Again

Jamming at JV | Lifecast #335

Join Us With Worship Leader Joel Edwards as his team join him in jamming while at JV on a Friday Night