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I’m Sick!!!!!!!!! | Lifecast #39

Okay here is the deal Elenore! What Happen was that I got sick. Me and my friends went out to the Oshawa Centre and upon coming down to the Oshawa Centre I started to feel sick. I ended up having something to eat and upon coming home I got even more sick.

Pickering Market & Swim | Lifecast #102

My Friends Dealayn and Telly go out for the day on a trip to the Pickering Markets and Swimming at the Legends Centre

Fibromyalgia Sucks! (Vlogtober #3) | Lifecast #133

I’m Not Well Today is not better then when I posted Vlogtober #2 I am in so much pain I want to cry. Fibromyalgia Sucks!

Boxing Day Dinner (Vid #3) | Lifecast #198

The Dykstra Family enjoys some together time at the Mandarin

The Denny’s Family (Part 1) | Lifecast #228

The Dykstra Family go out on a adventure to the Denny’s Restaurant.

Easter Sunday! (VEDA #8) | Lifecast #250

Join Paul, Chantel & I on This Blessed Easter Sunday

Mother’s Day (2012) | Lifecast #279

Join The Dykstra Family As We Celebrate Mothers Day. May 13: We Bring My Beppe (grandmother) to the airport to go to Holland May 14: We Celebrate at Mom’s Place with My Sister, Mom & Oma (grandmother)

Sunday! (Vlogust #25) | Lifecast #319

It’s Sunday in The Dykstra Compound. Join us as we relax with the pets

The Dutch Touch (PEEN #3) | Lifecast #355

Join Us on November 16, 2012, Pro Wrestling Battle Arts As We Watch The Fatal Four Way