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Lets Go For A Walk (Father’s Day 2013) | Lifecast #472

Join The Dykstra Family As We Go For A Father’s Day Walk in Oshawa

Fixing YouTube Copyright Issues | Lazy Blog 013

Join Me As I Tell You All About My Goal To Fix All of My YouTube Copyright Notices.

Vlog At Last | Lazy Blog 011

Join Me As I Talk To You About Why No Vlogs, My Day and Cat Troubles From Our Favorite Vlogging Kitchen

I Ate To Much | Lazy Vlog 010

Oh, Man What A Day. Boy Did I Eat Too Much. I don’t know what it is with my body but there are things I love that I just cannot eat at all anymore getting old sucks

Late Night Randomness | Lazy Vlog 009

Join Me As I Late Night Vlog Using YouTube’s Record from Web Cam Feature.

Don’t Delete Google + (G+) | Lazy Vlog 008

Listen To The Many Reason Why You Should Not Delete Your Google+ Account if You Have Multiple YouTube Channels

My New Toy | Lazy Vlog 007

Join Me As I Vlog What I Am Doing and Tell You About My New Jawbone Speaker.

Lazy Day & YouTube Updates | Lazy Vlog 006

Join Me As I Talk About My Laziest Day Since Moving Back to Oshawa

Off To Bed | Lazy Vlog 005

It has Been A Productive Day But A Lazy One Find Out All About It.

Late Night Fun | Lazy Vlog 004

Join Me As I Chat With You and Give You An Update on What is Going On In My World

Off To Get Dinner | Lazy Vlog 003

Come Join Me As I Walk and Talk While On My Way To Get Dinner.

Warn Out | Lazy Vlog 002

Join Me As I Lazy Vlog From My Bedroom and Let You Know All About My Day