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Feeding The Turtles | Quick Hits

Join Lilly, Ivy, Mommy, and Uncle as we go to the log cabin and see the Darling Park Rangers Feed and Get to See The Turtles

It’s Crack | Quick Hits #47

Let See is it a crack or is it a stain on the glass?

Canada Day Fireworks 2003 | Quick Hits #2

Enjoy The Canada Day Fireworks From The Canada Day Celebrations in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Ivy Dances | Quick Hits #30

Join Ivy As She Does The Actions To Micky Mouse Clubhouse on The Computer

Snow in Oshawa | Quick Hits #58

Join Me Outside in the First Major Snow Fall of 2013

Uncle Gets Wet | Quick Hits

We were playing a game with water balloons and then Oma took a break and all of a sudden Lilly and Ivy come at MJSiebolt with water balloons.

My First Rollercoaster | Quick Hits #7

This is my first coaster in approx 28 years thanks to Dealayn and Telly

A Cats Revenge | Quick Hits #21

Join iCatt As He Takes Revenge On Me Being On The Computer The Whole Time.

Cover: You Won’t Relent | Quick Hits #48

Join The Jr High Group of The Embassy Church For Our Ministry Time of With The Worship Team Singing “You Won’t Relent” With Closing By Pastor Brian Aiken

How To Make An Instant Coffee | Quick Hits #3

A Fun Video As I Learn New iMovie Tricks With This Video On How To Make An Instant Coffee

Happy Birthday To Me | Quick Hits #31

Join Me As I Celebrate My 33rd Birthday

First Snow of 2017 | Quick Hits

The First Snow Fall I Have Seen For 2017 while on our trip to Alberta. This was an overnight stop in Sault Ste Marie