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What Not To Do At Walmart (Part 2) | Quick Hits #56

Watch As Mommy and Lilly Chase Each Other Through Walmart

Christmas Carols | Quick Hits #55

Lilly and Ivy Sing Jingle Bells For Uncle.

Susie Snowflake | Quick Hits #54

Join Ivy As She Sings The Christmas Tune Susie Snowflake

Tim Hortons Tassimo T-Cup Demonstration | Quick Hits #52

Join Me As I Try Out My Tassimo For The First Time With Some Coffee From Tim Hortons

Chosen Sound Check | Quick Hits #51

Watch As Chosen Gets Ready For Their Sound Check For Tonights Concert As The Opening Act For Manifest

Getting Setup | Quick Hits #50

Join Paul and I As We Setup For the Manifest Concert

Cover: You Won’t Relent | Quick Hits #48

Join The Jr High Group of The Embassy Church For Our Ministry Time of With The Worship Team Singing “You Won’t Relent” With Closing By Pastor Brian Aiken

It’s Crack | Quick Hits #47

Let See is it a crack or is it a stain on the glass?

I Made It | Quick Hits #46

Look I Made It To Toronto and Found A Fellow YouTuber