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At The Oshawa Centre | Viddy #10

Just A Quick Viddy at The Oshawa Centre

Keeking on Park Rd | Keek #16

It is Sunday and that means I am waiting for my ride and what is going on well check in with me as I am Keeking on Park Rd to Find Out.

Lilly’s Art | Keek #06

Lilly shows us her art that she has been doing on the computer

I Wanna Swing | Vine #5

Watch As Lily Tries To Get On The Swing

Off To Church | Keek #18

I am waiting for my ride to head to the church and so I Keek again from Park Rd and tell you what has been going on.

My Coffee | Viddy #24

My Tim Hortons Coffee.. Heaven on Earth

Mery The Cat | Viddy #44

The Viddy Audience Got To Meet My Old Cat Mery

Lie Down! | Viddy #31

Join Ivy As We Play The Game Lie Down and Miss Piggy Tries To Steal The Show