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What is The As Seen On Series By MJSiebolt?

The Official Trailer For The As Seen On Series By MJSiebolt

Bathroom Leak Devastation | Facebook My Day #1

Here is the Devastation After Trying to Find A Leak in My Apartment. Turns out It Was Coming From UpStairs

Twitter is shutting down Vine

Twitter today announced it’s shutting down its standalone short-form video app. Twitter also says the website will remain online because the company thinks “it’s important to still be able to watch all the incredible Vines that have been made.”

Run, Ivy, Run | Vine #11

See Ivy Play Around The House Running

Starbucks | Vine #10

Fern Gets Coffee For Us At Starbucks in The Oshawa Centre

Making Lunch | Vine #9

Lilly and Ivy Make Some Lunch

Iron Divas | Viddy #54

Lilly and Ivy Flex in Front of The Iron Man 3 Poster at The Movies

Driving With Fern | Vine #8

Driving Down King and Park in Oshawa With Fern!