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My Afternoon With Ivy | Lifecast #925

Today Ivy and I were supposed to Learn how to Fish but that got canceled. So Ivy and I had a little adventure around the beach & playground. Enjoy!

Holiday fun | Lifecast #924

It’s Day #2 of the Dykstra Family camping adventure. Join The Dykstra’s as go shopping in Bowmanville then come back to the camp for some water balloon fun.

A Lazy Day | Lifecast #923

Finally camp is all setup, it’s day 2 of the Dykstra holidays. Join the family as we make a slip n’ slide and then head off to the beach.

Swimming at the Beach | Lifecast #922

Join The Dykstra Clan as We Take Lilly, Ivy and Foxy down to the beach at Darlington Provincial Park To Have a Night Time Swim.

Setting Up Camp | Lifecast #921

It’s Holiday Season for The Dykstra Family that means it is off To The Camp. Join The Family As We Setup Camp at Darlington Provincial Park.

Happy Canada Day 150 | Lifecast #920

Join Lilly, Ivy and Uncle as we spend Canada Day at home and enjoy a day at home playing games, watching movies and playing Wii Bowling

My Sister is Home! | Lifecast #919

The wait is over, the time has come. My sister has finally come home. Join Mom, Dad and Myself as we head over to the Hamilton Airport to Pick Her Up.

Our Trip To Hamilton | Lifecast #918

Join The Dykstra Family as we head out on our way to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to pre-pair to pick up my sister from the Hamilton International Airport.

Fooseball Fun (VEDA #15) | Lifecast #221

Join us at The Embassy Church for the Jr High Ministry and watch as we play some games before the service.

Setting Up For Youth (VEDA #13) | Lifecast #219

Join Me As I Setup For Youth Ministries at The Embassy Church in Oshawa