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Dykstra Life | Lifecast #944

Join The Dykstra Family in the middle of daily life. First, we walk the dogs, Then it is off for a ride in the car. Then Sunday lunch and Then Dutch Store.

Family Fun | Lifecast #943

Join the Dykstra’s for some family fun. First, we try to make coffee in a normal coffee pot. Then we head downstairs to see Ivy’s Gymnastics.

We Made It | Lifecast #942

Join the Dykstra Family as we travel through four provinces (Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta) all on our way to meet up with my sister and fam.

Still in Ontario | Lifecast #941

Join Dina, Siebolt, and Matthew Dykstra as we continue our trip across Ontario on Our Way To Edmonton to Visit My Sister and The Kids. In This Edition, We Make Our Way Through Ontario

Off to Alberta | Lifecast #940

Join The Dykstra Family As We Set Out On Our Trip To Edmonton Alberta. In This Edition, We Start Out in Oshawa and Over To Port Perry to stop in Perry Sound

New Beginnings | Lifecast #939

Mom and Dad embark on a new journey of new beginnings as they move out of the apartment, retire and embark on a trip to Alberta to visit the granddaughters.

Foxy Packs For Alberta | Lifecast #938

Watch As Foxy Gets Ready To Leave For Alberta By Packing Her Favorite and Necessary Outfits

A Quiz With Ivy | Lifecast #937

Ivy and I have a chat over messenger and so I decided to film us taking a quiz that 8-year-old Ivy wanted to do with Uncle

Where Have I Been? | Lifecast #936

Just a little update on what has been going on in the world of MJSiebolt

Whats in Ivy’s Backpack | Lifecast #935

This week we chat with Ivy from Edmonton, Alberta over Messenger and she shows us what is going in her school bag as she prepares for school.

VEDA Day #8 Live Stream | Lifecast #934

Just giving you an update on how things are going.

Shopping | Lifecast #933

It just a normal lazy day. I am out with Friends Paul and Chantel as we go out grocery shopping. It is just a normal everyday lifecast