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The Computer Mechanics

Join The Volunteer Team From Rogers Cable Durham Region as We Setup For The Computer Mechanics on February 19 2000

My New Apartment | Lifecast #51

Come With Me As I Take You Through My New Apartment in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Early Morning | Lifecast #84

Here I am Early Morning Cleaning Up The Apartment and Talking to My Audience

Allergies | Lifecast #114

I am sick yet again and decided to Vlog and tell you about a dead MacBook Hard Drive

Breakfast With Santa (Vlogmas #1) | Lifecast #179

Mayor of Oshawa John Henry sings Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer. But due to the fact that my iPhone did not record the sound, I have added a YouTube Version of Rudolph to go along with this.

Dual Vlog | Lifecast #210

Join me as Dutchhoney81 and Myself MJSiebolt Dual Vlog together over this past Christmas Eve.

Setting Up Camp | Lifecast #921

It’s Holiday Season for The Dykstra Family that means it is off To The Camp. Join The Family As We Setup Camp at Darlington Provincial Park.

The Little Drummer Boy (VEDA #20) | Lifecast #262

Watch Worship Leader Joel Edwards Drum Before We Start The Service Night at Junior Varsity

Slime Day | Lifecast #286

Join Lilly and Me as We Head To Slime Day at The Embassy Church

Babysitting and Walmart (Vlogust #7) | Lifecast #301

Join Me As I Babysit and Go To Walmart With My Sister

Playing in The Front Yard | Lifecast #333

Join Lilly and Ivy as they play with friends in the yard and get wet