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Golf With Friends | Lifecast #37

Playing Games With Friends on PlayStation 2

Windows XP Troubles | Lifecast #69

Here I am working between a Mac and PC With XP and am trying figure out why my NTFS Format Hard Drive will not empty the trash on my Mac with an NTFS reader

Cleaning Out The Car | Lifecast #101

Dealayn is in the process of cleaning out his car and storage unit so we helped him clean out the car and go to the pawn shop.

Vlogtober (Vlogtober #1) | Lifecast #131

I will do Vlogtober meaning I will be vloggin’ everyday. Don’t mind the hair I was sleeping most of the day from doing Durham Prays. I will be posting the video from that very soon

Boxing Day Dinner (Vid #1) | Lifecast #196

The Dykstra Family enjoys some together time at the Mandarin.

Programmed Search | Lifecast #226

Here I am searching for the perfect video editing program for my sister but moved on to looking at other software

All Night Prayer (VEDA #6) | Lifecast #248

Come Join The Embassy Church & Embassy Worship For All Night Prayer

Friends & Flowers | Lifecast #277

Join Us As We Plant Some Flowers and Then I Help A Friend Pick Out A Computer

Christmas 2010: Lilly and Ivy Sing Christmas Carols | Lifecast #19

Watch As Ivy Sings Jingle Bells and Lilly Sings Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Lunch With The Family (Vlogust #26) | Lifecast #320

Join The Dykstra Family As We Come Together to For An Afternoon of Fun and Fellowship in what My Dad Calls A Vlog Free Zone

The Dykstra’s Get Ready To Rumble | Lifecast #6

The Minnesota Dykstra Kids and The Durham Region Dykstra Kids Face Off in A Good Game of Ball