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My Day Ivy | Lifecast #956

Join MJSiebolt while he spends some super time with his Niece Ivy as we play in the Snow, Go To Tim Hortons and Then Home Again

Ivy’s Recorder | Lifecast #955

Ivy shows us what she is learning on her recorder and how well she is practising

Ivy’s Back | Lifecast #954

Join Ivy as she talks to Uncle and practices her Gymnastics

Sinterklaas Daag | Lifecast #953

Join The Dykstra Family As We Celebrate The Dutch Tradition of Sinterklaas Dagg in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Our Day | Lifecast #952

Join the Dykstra Family for December 5, 2017, for this short but exciting Lifecast

Guess Who? | Lifecast #951

Join Ivy and Her Oma as they spend some time together and play an actual board game. A game of Guess Who? Watch all the fun.

West Edmonton Santa | Lifecast #950

Join The Crew From The Dykstra Family As We Embark on A Journey to The West Edmonton Mall To Have A Visit With The Man From The North Pole, Santa Claus

Shopping Fun | Lifecast #949

Join The Dykstra Family as we embark on a day of Fun and Excitement. It’s A Day of Shopping. But First I Take My Nieces to Get Some Treats

Playing With Ivy | Lifecast #948

Uncle takes some time and plays with Ivy and she shows us her Gymnastics and tries so hard to show us how she can do a backbend even when Uncle is watching.

Our Week | Lifecast #947

Join The Dykstra Family As We Go Down To St. Albert to do some sledding. We go to Seven Hills and Lilly and Ivy Have Sleds From Opa and Oma and Go Down The Hill

Snowflake Festival | Lifecast #946

Join The Family as we prepare for the St. Albert, Alberta Snowflake Festival. 1st we have Lilly home than family fun in the kitchen and now the Festival

Snow Fun | Lifecast #945

Another good week! While we have fun in the Alberta Snow. First, we take Aviah for a walk then we play outside before school and then outside with friends.