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Ivy’s New Bed | Quick Hits

After spending the day at Ikea, Ivy finally has a new bed put together. Check Out Ivy’s reaction to her brand new Princess bed

Trolls Movie Review | Quick Hits

My friend’s 3-year-old daughter gives us a run-down of the movie “Trolls” on Blu-ray and DVD. Watch her full run down of this great movie

Feeding The Turtles | Quick Hits

Join Lilly, Ivy, Mommy, and Uncle as we go to the log cabin and see the Darling Park Rangers Feed and Get to See The Turtles

Uncle Gets Wet | Quick Hits

We were playing a game with water balloons and then Oma took a break and all of a sudden Lilly and Ivy come at MJSiebolt with water balloons.

Lilly’s Butterfly | Quick Hits

We Are At The Camp! Lilly and Ivy are working on putting their butterfly that Lilly found into a container with holes in it. Join Lilly in the action.

I Believe Ivy Can Fly | Quick Hits

A Slow-Motion Video of Ivy on Her Scooter With the Song I Believe I Can Fly From R. Kelly

Chosen Sound Check | Quick Hits #51

Watch As Chosen Gets Ready For Their Sound Check For Tonights Concert As The Opening Act For Manifest

Getting Setup | Quick Hits #50

Join Paul and I As We Setup For the Manifest Concert

Cover: You Won’t Relent | Quick Hits #48

Join The Jr High Group of The Embassy Church For Our Ministry Time of With The Worship Team Singing “You Won’t Relent” With Closing By Pastor Brian Aiken

It’s Crack | Quick Hits #47

Let See is it a crack or is it a stain on the glass?

I Made It | Quick Hits #46

Look I Made It To Toronto and Found A Fellow YouTuber