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Uncle’s New Office | Quick Hits #28

Taking A Tour of My Newly Painted Office

Christmas Carols | Quick Hits #55

Lilly and Ivy Sing Jingle Bells For Uncle.

I Believe Ivy Can Fly | Quick Hits

A Slow-Motion Video of Ivy on Her Scooter With the Song I Believe I Can Fly From R. Kelly

Mom Makes A Video | Quick Hits #37

Mom Makes A Video While Camping on Her DSLR Camera For The First Time

A Block in The Window | Quick Hits #20

Join Me For A Quick Vlog Around The Apartment Till I Discover A Block in The Window

Ivy’s New Bed | Quick Hits

After spending the day at Ikea, Ivy finally has a new bed put together. Check Out Ivy’s reaction to her brand new Princess bed

What Not To Do At Walmart (Part 2) | Quick Hits #56

Watch As Mommy and Lilly Chase Each Other Through Walmart

Toronto Airport | Quick Hits #12

Join Us At The Toronto Airport As We Try To Figure Out Where The Car Was

Trolls Movie Review | Quick Hits

My friend’s 3-year-old daughter gives us a run-down of the movie “Trolls” on Blu-ray and DVD. Watch her full run down of this great movie

AWWWW Look At The Baby! | Quick Hits #20

Having Fun With Games at My Friends Anna’s Baby Shower

I Made It | Quick Hits #46

Look I Made It To Toronto and Found A Fellow YouTuber