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Tribute to Dave Dykstra (Pakke) [November 8, 2011]

Here is a tribute to a my Pakke (Grandfather) that My Beppe (Grandmother), GreatMomOma and MatthewDykstraca (aka MJ Siebolt) made for the funeral of my Dad‘s father.

Cooking With Oma: Thanksgiving 2011 [October 11, 2011]

Oma called us all to Thanksgiving Dinner and so I decided to film her it was a cooking show but we ended up with an interview style.

Lilly & Ivy and The Front Yard of Destiny [April 30, 2011]

Movie Trailer For My Upcoming Release of Lilly and Ivy and The Front Yard of Destiny

The Dykstra Family: TV Stars Lilly & Ivy

I On February 3, 2010 Sent In a Photo My Sister Took To Breakfast Television as They Were Asking For Photos of Kids Enjoying The Snow Day of 2011.

Two Event Family Reunion [August 20 & 23, 2010]

Join The Dykstra Family From Canada and The Dykstra Family From The USA in a Two Event Family Reunion

The Dykstra’s Get Ready To Rumble

The Minnesota Dykstra Kids and The Durham Region Dykstra Kids Face Off in A Good Game of Ball