2005 Family Tribute 2012 Update | Lifecast #214

Here is an update to the 2005 Family Tribute I made for a Christmas Gift For My Sister. The gift was a 2 Disc set of my neice Lilly’s first year.

Halloween 2010: Video #2 | Lifecast #12

Lilly and Ivy Tricker Treat but Now it is Dark

Christmas at Beppe’s | Lifecast #380

Join The Dykstra Family for an Early Christmas Get Together at Beppe’s (Jane Dykstra’s) Apartment

Pupcakes and Shopping | Lifecast #205

Originally Uploaded: Jan 7 2012: Here we are again with the Girls from Lilly and Ivy’s World as we embark on making Cupcakes, Go Shopping and just have plain fun

Two Event Family Reunion | Lifecast #1

Join The Dykstra Family From Canada and The Dykstra Family From The USA in a Two Event Family Reunion

Mother’s Day (2012) | Lifecast #279

Join The Dykstra Family As We Celebrate Mothers Day. May 13: We Bring My Beppe (grandmother) to the airport to go to Holland May 14: We Celebrate at Mom’s Place with My Sister, Mom & Oma (grandmother)

Happy Birthday MJSister (Vlogust #28) | Lifecast #322

Join us as The Dykstra Family celebrates my sisters 31st Birthday.

Alberta Aviation Museum | Lifecast #959

The museum started 25 years ago when a group of aviation buffs convinced Edmonton City Council to let them use the historic Blatchford hangar on Kingsway. It’s the last remaining double-long, double-wide hangar from the World War II era and is a protected historic resource. Over the years, hundreds of dedicated volunteers have worked on […]

It’s A Snow Day Mommy | Lifecast #212

“It’ A Snow Day Mommy!” yes there was lots of snow and today I spend the day with my sister DutchHoney81 & ivy from Lilly and Ivy’s World.

What Not To Do At Walmart (Part 2) | Quick Hits #56

Watch As Mommy and Lilly Chase Each Other Through Walmart