Christmas at Beppe’s | Lifecast #380

Join The Dykstra Family for an Early Christmas Get Together at Beppe’s (Jane Dykstra’s) Apartment

Christmas Concert Time (Vlogmas #16) | Lifecast #378

Join us as we go down to Lilly and Ivy’s School for some Christmas Fun, Music and Christmas Cheer

Lilly’s Christmas Concert [December 20, 2012]

Join Lilly as She Sings in Her 2012 Christmas Concert

Ivy’s Christmas Concert [December 19, 2012]

Join Ivy As She Sings In Her Christmas Concert.

Christmas Carols | Quick Hits #55

Lilly and Ivy Sing Jingle Bells For Uncle.

Susie Snowflake | Quick Hits #54

Join Ivy As She Sings The Christmas Tune Susie Snowflake

Vlogmas Begins (Vlogmas #1) | Lifecast #362

Join Me As I Start Vlogmas Off With A Bang At The Oshawa Charity Euchre Annual Breakfast With Santa.

Christmas Time is Here (PEEN #5) | Lifecast #357

Check Out The Christmas Tree That Mom Made and Decorated For Me

Dual Vlog | Lifecast #210

Join me as Dutchhoney81 and Myself MJSiebolt Dual Vlog together over this past Christmas Eve.

Lilly at Church | Keek #03

Join Lilly As She Shows Us What She is Eating at Church Between Intermissions of The Christmas Drama

My Christmas List (Vlogmas #3) | Lifecast #182

Christine and I talk about what I want for Christmas as we wait for the bus to head home from Walmart