Thanksgiving at Beppe’s (Vlogtober #6) | Lifecast #345

Join The Canadian Contingent of The Dykstra Family As We Gather For A Home Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner

Ivy’s 4th Birthday [May 7, 2012]

Join Us As We Celebrate Ivy’s 4th Birthday at Oma’s House

Ivy’s 4th Birthday | Lifecast #273

Come Join Us As We Celebrate My Neice Ivy’s 4th Birthday

Easter Monday (VEDA #9) | Lifecast #251

Join The Dykstra Family on This Blessed Easter Monday

The Denny’s Family (Part 2) | Lifecast #229

Okay Here we Continue the Dykstra Family Adventure to Denny’s for dinner.

The Denny’s Family (Part 1) | Lifecast #228

The Dykstra Family go out on a adventure to the Denny’s Restaurant.

2005 Family Tribute 2012 Update | Lifecast #214

Here is an update to the 2005 Family Tribute I made for a Christmas Gift For My Sister. The gift was a 2 Disc set of my neice Lilly’s first year.

Dual Vlog | Lifecast #210

Join me as Dutchhoney81 and Myself MJSiebolt Dual Vlog together over this past Christmas Eve.

Easter 2011 [April 25, 2011]

Join The Dykstra Family As We Celebrate Easter 2011

Happy Birthday Ivy [May 9, 2010]

It’s Ivy’s Birthday!! She is now 2! Join the Dykstra Family As We Celebrate This Special Day.

Christmas 1979 (Super 8 MM Film)

Here is some old Super 8 I found on a DVD at My Grandmothers Place of Myself MJSiebolt As A Baby in 1979. My Uncle Willem Had This Converted For My Grandmother and Then I Took A Copy.