Jeff Washes The Window | Viddy #32

Jeff Washes The Front Car Window at The Canadian Tire Gas Bar on Taunton Rd in Oshawa

Hanging With The Hitman | Lifecast #225

Today me and Jeff “The Hitman” Bedford go out and get some errands done and just spend the day together.

2005 Family Tribute 2012 Update | Lifecast #214

Here is an update to the 2005 Family Tribute I made for a Christmas Gift For My Sister. The gift was a 2 Disc set of my neice Lilly’s first year.

Friends & Flowers | Lifecast #277

Join Us As We Plant Some Flowers and Then I Help A Friend Pick Out A Computer

Out With Jeff (Vlogust #5) | Lifecast #299

Jeff and I Spend Some Time Together. This is my first full VLOG in Adobe Premier CS5 tell me how you think I did.

Sunday! | Lifecast #337

Join Me On A Special Sunday Morning @ Church

Church & Friends (Vlogtober #4) | Lifecast #343

Join Me As I First Run Sound For The Sr High Ministry and Then Head off To My Friend Jeff’s For the Night

The Odd Couple | Lifecast #407

Join Two Friends As They Chat On The Way Home