Packing For Church (VEDA #10) | Lifecast #216

Here I Am Getting Ready to Head to Another Volunteering Day at “The Embassy Church”

Going For A Walk (VEDA #5) | Lifecast #211

I Come Home and Try to Re-Build My Hackintosh and then I get up and go with my niece Ivy as we take her to pre-school

A Sad Day For Techys (VEDA #4) | Lifecast #210

Here I am Again Volunteering At The Church. When I Come Home and Try to Re-Build My Hackintosh

Return of the Mac | Lifecast #201

Well it is Official!.. What You Might Ask? Well Check This Vlog To Find Out What it is

Best of Both Worlds | Lifecast #170

I decide to vlog from my Office and let you know all about my new laptop I got from My Pastor and How I am working on getting my MacBook back in order. 

My Mac Died (Vlogmas #5) | Lifecast #161

That’s right my Mac died again and so in the process I am trying to find away on PC to get these videos out to you in the same quality but for now i am going to have to use the format that Tobuscus uses and do his Lazy Vlog Style… sorry about that.