2005 Family Tribute 2012 Update | Lifecast #214

Here is an update to the 2005 Family Tribute I made for a Christmas Gift For My Sister. The gift was a 2 Disc set of my neice Lilly’s first year.

2012 Nature Walk With Dad

Enjoying A Nature Walk With Dad at Darlington Provincial Park

A Bazaar Day [November 3, 2012]

Join The Dykstra Family As We Head Down to Beppe’s Place To Enjoy The Durham Christian Homes Bazaar

A Family Gathering | Lifecast #387

Join The Dolstra Family (Dina, Brant, Egbert, Tina) as we mourn the loss of a beloved Mother, Grandmother, and Friend

A Good Catch | Lifecast #3

Uncle John Makes A Good Catch While Trying To Take Family Photos

A Lazy Day | Lifecast #923

Finally camp is all setup, it’s day 2 of the Dykstra holidays. Join the family as we make a slip n’ slide and then head off to the beach.

A New Years Christmas Eve (Vlogmas #19) | Lifecast #383

Join The Dykstra Family As We Celebrate Christmas Eve and New Years On The Same Day.

Alberta Bound 2017 | Lifecast #929

Camping is Over, Now it is time for Dolly to go home. Join my sister as she heads for Alberta to start her new position at Pet Smart

Bowling With The Family (Part 2) | Lifecast #240

That’s right in Part 2 of March 12th We Join The Dykstra Family on The way to Bowling After The Pool at the Legends Centre Was Closed Due To Contamination. Join Us In Our Adventure

Camping Adventures 2012 Day 2 | Lifecast 288

Join The Dykstra Family as we embark on our summer camping tradition for Day 2

Camping Adventures 2012 Day 3 | Lifecast 289

Join The Dykstra Family as we embark on our summer camping tradition for Day 3

Canada Day Fireworks 2003 | Quick Hits #2

Enjoy The Canada Day Fireworks From The Canada Day Celebrations in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada