Fooseball Fun (VEDA #15) | Lifecast #221

Join us at The Embassy Church for the Jr High Ministry and watch as we play some games before the service.

Setting Up For Youth (VEDA #13) | Lifecast #219

Join Me As I Setup For Youth Ministries at The Embassy Church in Oshawa

All Night Prayer (VEDA #6) | Lifecast #212

Come Join The Embassy Church & Embassy Worship For All Night Prayer

A Sad Day For Techys (VEDA #4) | Lifecast #210

Here I am Again Volunteering At The Church. When I Come Home and Try to Re-Build My Hackintosh

Don’t Worry Be Happy | Lifecast #183

Here we are again at embassy | this generation watch as we have a little post service fun and celebration

An Awesome Friday Night | Lifecast #179

Its Friday Night join the Youth from Embassy Student Ministries as we embark on what we know will be some awesome fun and fellowship down at The Embassy Church.

Pastor Matt Practices | Lifecast #176

My Pastor is practicing trying to play a song from the newest coldplay album while getting ready for the embassy | this generation service

Best of Both Worlds | Lifecast #170

I decide to vlog from my Office and let you know all about my new laptop I got from My Pastor and How I am working on getting my MacBook back in order. 

Lilly at Church | Keek #03

Join Lilly As She Shows Us What She is Eating at Church Between Intermissions of The Christmas Drama