What is The As Seen On Series By MJSiebolt?

The Official Trailer For The As Seen On Series By MJSiebolt

A Quiz With Ivy | Lifecast #937

Ivy and I have a chat over messenger and so I decided to film us taking a quiz that 8-year-old Ivy wanted to do with Uncle

Where Have I Been? | Lifecast #936

Just a little update on what has been going on in the world of MJSiebolt

Whats in Ivy’s Backpack | Lifecast #935

This week we chat with Ivy from Edmonton, Alberta over Messenger and she shows us what is going in her school bag as she prepares for school.

Bathroom Leak Devastation | Facebook My Day #1

Here is the Devastation After Trying to Find A Leak in My Apartment. Turns out It Was Coming From UpStairs

VEDA Day #8 Live Stream | Lifecast #934

Just giving you an update on how things are going.

Ivy’s New Bed | Quick Hits

After spending the day at Ikea, Ivy finally has a new bed put together. Check Out Ivy’s reaction to her brand new Princess bed

LetterKenny After Party Promotional Video

Their Opportunity’s annual Charity Ball Hockey Tournament AFTER PARTY hosted by Letterkenny Presented by Raymond EMC

Shopping | Lifecast #933

It just a normal lazy day. I am out with Friends Paul and Chantel as we go out grocery shopping. It is just a normal everyday lifecast

Trolls Movie Review | Quick Hits

My friend’s 3-year-old daughter gives us a run-down of the movie “Trolls” on Blu-ray and DVD. Watch her full run down of this great movie

Last Day | Lifecast #932

It’s the last day for The Dykstra family Lilly and Ivy are heading home to their Dad’s place. Watch how Lilly and Ivy spend their last day.

Oshawa Centre With Lilly | Lifecast #931

Yesterday we saw Ivy spend the day with Uncle. Now, it’s Lilly’s turn. Join Lilly as she spends her birthday money on Starbucks, Fries and more.